The GaMERCaT, a Cat That Plays Videogames

The GaMERCaT, a Cat That Plays Videogames


The GaMERCat is a weekly webcomic that features mischievous cats playing video games. He is a cat with access to a large library of video games and a pretty vivid imagination. Every episode features his cat perspective on popular franchises and some other topics of gaming life.

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A Little History

It started in 2011 as a side project for its author but as its popularity grew, it became a weekly update show. Today, the character is loved by both gamers and cat lovers.

The website and the steady weekly webcomic began as such in 2013 and has not stopped until January this year because the author is taking a break. Samantha Whitten is a freelance artist who runs a project known as Sugar Bunny Shop, a shop that also features some cute bunny characters.

GaMERCat fans have been given an at least three-month hiatus until they can get to see him in his video game adventures again.

Characters of the comics

  • GaMERCat. The main character in the comics. He’s a cat who loves playing video games. His one difficulty is that he is a gamer cat in a gamer human world;
  • Glitch. A stray kitten that GaMERCat picked up once. He is still in the learning process of the gaming world;
  • Sweet. A big cat, a decent gamer, a little rough, but at the end, mellow. Enough said;
  • Pixel. A near-sighted female cat with a swift and sleek look.  She loves video games with puzzles in them;
  • Nano. A female cat with a huge crush on GaMERCat and big love for hardcore games;
  • Annoying Fairy. He is the persistent and unwanted helper, especially since she is always trying to make GaMERCat buy stuff he does not really need;
  • Anonymouse. These are pretty good at antagonizing GaMERCaT. They might come alone or in groups;
  • Malcolm. A human gamer and owner of Gamercat and Glitch. He is unaware of his cats’ video game practices.

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