How to brush cat teeth the right way, in steps

How to brush cat teeth the right way, in steps

How to brush cat teeth

Keeping your cat’s dental hygiene is pivotal to his oral health and overall well-being. How to brush cat teeth is notoriously not an easy task. This is one reason why you should start early in order to get your cat used to the routine. Once you get trained and with practice, you will see how to brush cat teeth becomes increasingly easy.

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Getting the brush and the paste ready

Let’s go through simple steps on how to brush cat teeth. It is important that you get feline toothpaste. This one is flavoured with fish or chicken taste to make it more appealing to your cat’s palate. Do not use human toothpaste since this contains chemicals that may harm your cat’s digestive system.

You can get a special toothbrush from the veterinarian or at the pet store. Cat toothbrushes are usually softer than a dog’s. If it is more comfortable to you, you can also use a soft rubber glove that fits over your index finger.

How to brush cat teeth in steps

Here’s a simple process to cat teeth brushing in steps:

  1. Get your kitty comfortable at this moment by placing her on your lap;
  2. When she gets relaxed, gently raise her lip on one side of the mouth and gently start brushing down the outher portions of her teeth. The downward repeated motion is important as this helps remove any food embedded in the gumline;
  3. Now move to the bottom jaw and open your cat’s mouth gently. Usually, the cat will open her mouth once she feels the taste of fish;
  4. Once you are done all around her mouth, outside and inside, allow her to drink some water. You do not need to rinse her mouth; the toothpaste is designed to be eaten and will cause no harm to your kittie’s tummy.

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