Medium cat breed: how about a loving medium cat breed?

How about a loving medium cat breed?

Medium cat breed

If the cat is too big, it will easily knock things off and you can get tired of carrying him about. But too small is not good either as they do not really show off much personality, you think.  So, how about a medium cat breed? These medium-sized cats are the average representation of the cat world. Let’s take a look at some samples to see which cat breed you fall in love with!


The average weight of this athletic cat is 8 to 16 pounds. He is high-spirited and a stunner with a nice short, soft, and dense coat. This cat is independent, intelligent, energetic, and pretty active.  Having an Abyssinian at home is having fun all day unless, of course, he is asleep.

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Cat breeds: The Abyssinian Cat Characteristics and Personality


Exotic is probably a word that best describes this beautiful medium cat breed. They look a lot like their ancestors with their dark stripes all over their body. Bengal cats are usually energetic but affectionate. Their average weight is around 10 pounds. If you are lucky enough to have one of these beauties at home, you can train him to play fetch, solve puzzles, or pretty much anything that keeps him active.

Cat breeds: The Bengal cat, Characteristics and Personality



The BalineseJavanese cat is a medium cat breed that weighs between 12 and 16 pounds and comes in several coat colours, patterns, and shadings. His trademark is his plume tail, which gives him an even more exotic look. This healthy cat is known to live up to 20 years.

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Cat breeds: The Balinese cat Characteristics and Personality



This American cat is fluffy, shiny, and glossy.  The male weighs between 12 and 20 pounds while the female ranges from 8 to 15 pounds. The Ragamuffin is an affectionate cat that usually gets along pretty well with whoever is willing to show him some affection.

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The Ragamuffin cat is a nice and docile cat, variant of the Ragdoll. Their most striking characteristic is probably their rabbit-like thick fur.


This cat can be small enough to become a small cat breed, but most samples are medium-sized. The Peterbald comes without hair and in all colours available. Intelligent, athletic, and energetic are some terms that describe this pretty social feline.

The Peterbald cat can be considered a hairless version of the Oriental Shorthair. They are dog-like loyal and make great family pets.

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