Puppy start listening commands: at what time?

Puppy start listening commands: at what time?

When does a puppy start listening commands?

This lady had just adopted this 4-week-old Beagle. She took him out to this cook-out and then she commands the puppy to “sit”.  The puppy would not really do such thing and just mind his own business. At what time does a puppy start listening commands?

The truth is that a puppy is never too young to start obeying commands, at least most of the time. But most puppies will need to hit certain age before they are able to understand voice commands. Even then, you will still need to be careful with your choice of words. The most basic command to start on is to sit. You will probably not have much luck with “Fido, come take off my shoes”.

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Start Them Young

Regardless of age and dog breed, most trainers will suggest that you start training your pup as soon as he is able to walk and run. A puppy that can walk next to you on the way to the door can start with their command training. This usually happens at age of 5 weeks.

Now, at what ages does a puppy start listening commands if I have never raised a puppy before?  If this is your first time with a puppy, you might want to start at age of 8 weeks.  When your puppy has reached this age, don’t waste time and start soon.

The first months of age of a puppy are the time in which dogs start picking up simple commands. These are the cues that will stick to them for the rest of their lives. If you skip this you will suffer from excessive barking when they grow older.

Be consistent

You need to be a consistent leader once you have taught your pup how to listen and obey your commands. Dogs understand how hierarchy works, but he needs to know who is the leader of the pack. Being consistent refers to using the same commands as the same cue as to not confuse your dog. If you feel that you need an extra help, it is ok to get the help of a professional trainer.

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