Science Diet Dog Food: An Objective Review

Science Diet Dog Food: An Objective Review

Science Diet Dog Food

Science Diet Dog Food is a selection of nutritious dog food recommended by veterinarians. The food is produced by Hills and it includes a line of 17 dry food presentations.

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Science Diet Dog Food general Nutrition

The recipe for this dog food line is characteristically balanced. A nice blend of vegetable and animal ingredients make this food suitable for dogs with diverse needs. Their focus is to maintain dogs in good health by providing a nice amount of every nutrient to guarantee that every dog is provided with the proper nutrition.

The food is elaborated under standards of human food and they have veterinarians checking on their content and quality.

The Hills Products Option

The Science Diet Dog Food line is basically split into three options:  Prescription Diet, Science Diet and Ideal Balance.  Each one of these options has a different approach that we will describe next.

Prescription Diet

As the name suggests, this line of Science Diet Dog Food is made to address a specific type of health need. The food is prepared by food scientists and veterinarians. Some health conditions that Hills claims this dry food help with are:

  • Kidney issues
  • Urinary issues
  • Liver issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Glucose Management

Science Diet

This line claims to address more common health conditions such as overweight in dogs and bad breath. They address some of the following health conditions:

  • Weight
  • Skin and coat
  • Joint and mobility
  • Dental and Oral Care
  • Mental Well-being

Ideal Balance

This merely has to do with the regular line of food that every dog needs for a proper nutrition. It contains a fair blend of all the nutrients that should go into dog food.

The Bottom Line

Probably what you are interested in is knowing what the general nutritional content in Science Diet Dog Food is. Testing of a sample delivered food with a rather large amount of carbs, less amount of fats, and a lesser amount of protein. But the product has diverse options so ask your veterinarian for advice based on your dog’s particular needs.

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