Stop Excessive barking dogs: why do Dogs Bark?

Stop Excessive barking dogs: why do Dogs Bark?

Stop Excessive barking dogs

Very few things are as annoying as waking up in the middle of the night to barking dogs in his crate inside the house. It could be your own dogs or probably the neighbors. In the latter case, there is very little you can do. But if it is the former, then stay with us as we show you effective ways to stop excessive barking in dogs.

First, you need to understand that barking is a natural response to several situations a dog is put into. But there is no rationale for barking at nothing all the time. Many times, excessive barking is merely a response to boredom and to the need of releasing stored energy.

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Why do Dogs Bark?

There are several reasons why dogs bark. Once you identify what is the case of your dog, it will be easier for you to find a solution.

Boredom or Loneliness

Dogs are pack animals and are not made to be alone for long periods of time. If this happens, then the animal will show its unhappiness by barking.

Alarm and Fear

Very often, dogs bark at anything that seems threatening or anything that simply startles them or startles them. This can happen anywhere, even their own home.

Keeping the territory

Dogs are also pretty territorial. When an animal or person invades what he considers his territory, he will bark to show his disagreement with barking. Usually, the barking is accompanied by an alert and aggressive look.

Separation and Anxiety

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will bark excessively when left alone. These type of barkers apparently only bark to hear the sound of their voices.

How To stop excessive barking dogs

To keep your dog from barking, you need patience and consistency, but if you use the proper technique you will soon see results. Some important things to keep in mind are:

  • Shouting does not help, because it makes your dog think that you are joining the barking.  The first rule then is to talk calmly and firmly but without yelling;
  • Train your dog to understand the word “quiet”. No matter how many times you say “shut up“, your dog will not understand you;
  • If you will leave him alone for a while, try to take him out and play with him. A tired dog is a quiet dog;
  • Do not let things go on and on. If your dog is barking unnecessarily, stop it soon. This aggressive barking towards others becomes ingrained in the dog and accidents can happen;
  • Barking dogs can also be a response to a medical condition. Make sure you rule this one out before trying anything else.

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