Understanding cat feelings through their body language

Understanding cat feelings through their body language

Understanding cat feelings

Cat owners develop such bond with their pets that they are able to discern how they are feeling.  Through the interpretation of their cat body language, they can detect cat feelings. Cats cannot make diverse facial expressions to show how they are feeling, but they have their own ways to let us know.

The first thing that must come clear to you is that cat feelings can get hurt, they can experience jealousy, fear, and a rather wide array of sentiments. Learn how to tell what mood your cat is in.

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Emotions in a cat

Emotions in a cat are actually a topic of debate among behaviourists. But in practice, as a dog owner, you will come to recognize your companion’s moods through their body language. Even if you do not interpret them correctly, you will get to the point of almost automatically cheering up your cat.

Instinctively, we know when our cats are feeling sad, excited, happy, anxious, or frustrated. Professionally speaking, it is really hard to quantify or measure the magnitude of emotions.

The significance of cat feelings

Even when we instinctively know what are cat feelings and even what could be causing them, we sometimes do not respond to them the best way. All experts agree that cats can have the feelings described before.

It takes some “cat wisdom” to know how to respond to the cat’s outward expression of what is inside. For starters, they will not manifest their emotions in the same way we humans do. If you see that your cat has eliminated on the bed, you might understand that he is sad, frustrated, or anxious.

But then punishing him for it is like ascribing a human behaviour to a cat and this does not help solve the problem. Very small changes in a cat’s routine can cause stress on a cat. The best thing you can do is to keep things as they are and help your cat get back to its normal routine.

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