Brazilian Shorthair cat: origins, characteristics, personality

Brazilian Shorthair cat: origins, characteristics, personality

Brazilian Shorthair cat

A cat endowed with great ability, the Brazilian Shorthair cat is the first cat from Brazil to receive international recognition. This elegant cat is nice and sleek is a great companion and hypoallergenic cat as it does not shed.

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Breeders developed this cat from street cats from Brazil.  In this, they resemble the American Shorthair and European Shorthair, which were also developed from street cats.

When the Portuguese first landed in Brazil around 1500 AD, they brought with them cats that were descended from the Felis Iberia to control pests. These cats were the foundation for the Brazilian Shorthair cat.

This cat practically developed by himself, until the 1980s, when Brazilian engineer Paulo Samuel Ruschi began to study the genetic and morphological characteristics of the cat.  Through his research, he discovered that these Brazilian cats had unique characteristics.

Physical characteristics

The Brazilian Shorthair cat is very different from what it was when it was a feral cat.  Their medium size body is muscular and larger than it is tall. Their profile is slightly curved have large rounded eyes that resemble the color of their coats.

The cat ears are large and pointed. The coat is very short and glossy. The standard allows almost any color for Brazilian Shorthairs.


This cat is pretty active and playful. He is always in for some action and loves to be physically and mentally challenged. They do well indoors and outdoors and are more than willing to have human contact.

Their level of activity wanes down as they grow older. They are pretty active and playful as kittens, but they are fairly playful as adults.

Caring for a Brazilian Shorthair cat

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Brazilian Shorthair cat is the fact that it sheds very little to nothing. Low maintenance on this cat’s coat will do fine. We recommend an occasional grooming to remove dead hairs and prevent matting.

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