Bull Terrier: origins, physical characteristics and personality

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Bull Terrier

We can call the Bull Terrier the dog of presidents and princesses. As the name suggests, this dog is the result of crossing a Bulldog with a Terrier.

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Bull Terrier: origins, physical characteristics and personality


The Bull Terrier goes all the way back to around 1835 when a Bulldog was crossed with the now extinct English Terrier. To increase their size, these dogs were later crossed with Spanish Pointers.

It was James Hinks who started breeding Bulls and Terriers with English White Terriers and in an attempt to give them a cleaner head. The first modern Bull Terrier from 1917 is now recognized as “Lord Gladiator“, and is the first dog with no stop at all.

Physical Characteristics

Definitively, the most recognizable trait of the Bull Terrier is its head. The shape of the head is usually described as ‘shark-head-shaped‘ and must not be confused with egg-shaped. The profile goes smoothly curved down the top of the skull from the tip of the nose.

The body of the Bull Terrier is full, strong, and muscular. The color of these dogs can be white, fawn, red, black, brindle or any combination of those. Another interesting feature is their unusually low center of gravity which makes it difficult for opponents to knock them down.


We would not recommend the Bull Terrier for a first-time owner as these dogs can be stubborn and independent. They are good with people and is always happy to see you.  The Bull Terrier is always ready for action or for a great piece of fun.

Caring for a Bull Terrier

You cannot leave a Bull Terrier alone in the house. He will go out searching to put something in his mouth. Unfortunately, many have died from gastrointestinal blockage with things you wouldn’t even think about.

A Bull Terrier should have from half an hour to one hour of exercise daily. He is playful and loves to go for walks.


It is very important that this dog gets proper dog training from the first day you bring him into the house.  He usually has a mind of his own and will want to end up doing their own will.  You need to be firm and consistent.

Fun facts

  • This dog crosses of all kinds became very popular sporting dogs in the early 1800s;
  • The Bull Terriers from the 1900s were backcrossed with Staffordshire to create a colorful variety;
  • They are lovers of games with ball or other toys.

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