Crazy cat: why and how to deal with a crazy cat

Crazy cat: why and how to deal with a crazy cat

Crazy cat

Your cat has just gone bananas and just starts to jump around wreaking havoc on everything that crosses his path. In other words, she is misbehaving today and there is no stopping her. We have the solution to controlling a crazy cat romping all around the house. And no, it is not to lock him up.

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Why a crazy cat?

Medically speaking, there is actually no medical condition that makes cats go crazy and start tearing apart things. But what we consider crazy might probably just be a cat with a lot of energy that needs more interaction and playtime.

All cats are smart but some are smarter than others. To be fully happy, cats need mental and physical stimulation. When these are not being supplied, the kittie will find ways to entertain himself. So, if your kittie is all over the place looking for things to do, then he probably needs to be challenged.

A crazy cat is probably a bored cat

Maybe your cat is not too high in the bar when it comes to intelligence but he can still be bored. You do not want to have a bored cat at home. He will find a way to entertain himself and his idea of fun might not be your same idea of it.

Remember those videos of cats devilishly tipping over stuff off tables? Those are probably pretty bored cats. Make sure your cat is always entertained. A tired cat is also a happy cat.

Handling a crazy cat

If you have a “crazy cat” that is constantly tumbling stuff, give him plenty of interactive cat toys for him to play with. It is important that you provide a climbing cat tree, scratching posts, puzzle boxes, food balls, and things like that.

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