Dog curiosities: the super cute Teacup Dogs!

Teacup dogs are a smaller version of already small breeds of dogs. Because of their size, they can suffer from many health issues.

Teacup Dogs

Recently, a video of a very tiny dog went viral. He was a teacup dog whose video was posted and immediately was shared by many, wishing to have one of such dogs.  However, there is a backstory on this video and it is one that you will probably not like.  That teacup was sold by the company that breeds them in South Korea at $5,600, so he traveled all the way here as cargo.  Teacup dogs are not expected to live too long.

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What are TeaCup dogs?

A TeaCup dog is a smaller version of already small breeds of dogs. These include the Maltese, Pugs, Chihuahua, and Yorkie. They are obtained through questionable breeding procedures where two already tiny breeds of dogs are crossed to produce puppies that will grow no more than 5 pounds at maturity.

Here is the case against Teacup dogs. First, either we like it or not, dogs are seen as commodities. As products that men have adapted to their own needs.  These needs sometimes are based on trends. So, a tiny little dog on the internet went trendy and now everyone wants a miniature dog.

Second, because of high demand and high price, irresponsible breeders start mass producing them, without any regards towards genetic issues. So, basically, these tiny dogs are prone to the same diseases (and more) as the already tiny popular dog breeds.

Health concerns

Dogs were not meant to be as tiny as they can get. The health of Teacup dogs is frail.  Their bones and teeth are too fragile.  Not every owner is prepared to take care of such dogs.

So, the list of diseases and conditions that a Teacup can catch is much longer than your typical dog.  First, you have maladies proper of their tiny size. Then, you have the genetic conditions that may arise from irresponsible breeding. These dogs will not live as long as their normal counterparts.

Issues that a teacup dog might suffer include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which leads to seizures and death if not treated correctly. But even if they do not suffer the condition, some teacups need to be fed many times a day, due to their fast metabolism and rapid heartbeat.

Should you have one?

As one veterinarian said, these dogs are not natural, they are the result of an edgy market.  Basically, they are like cell phones, the smaller, the better. Or not?  Now, this edge comes with a price. These dogs are sold for thousands of dollars.

Here in Dogalize we advise you to adopt not purchase, and certainly not pay $5,600 for a dog that will cause you more trouble than any perceived perk.

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