Fun dog games to play with your pooch!

Play fun dog games with your pooch outdoors or indoors if the weather doesn´t allow. Playing with your dog is important to their healthy development.

Fun dog games

So, you have heard time and time again here in Dogalize that, depending on your dog breed, you should invest some time to exercise and play with him. This is important if you do not want to have a bored and frustrated dog at home. But worry no more. We have prepared for you a short list of fun dog games you can play with your best friend.

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Outdoor dog games

  • Bubbles: dogs love bubbles as much as little kids do. To dogs, bubbles mimic small flying animals they are more than willing to catch. Dogs are entertained by dog games that involve observing, chasing, or popping bubbles.
  • Frisbee: the advantage of a frisbee over any fetching object is that it hovers in the air for a longer time, giving the dog a chance to catch it mid-air.
  • Predatory chase: pull out your dog´s hunting instincts with this one. You can use a long rope or a retractable leash to pull a stuffed animal. The idea is to have your dog follow the toy. Chances are that even the laziest of dogs will happily go after the toy.  In case your dog is not that much into it, spice it up with some animal scent that you can get at any store.  Just make sure you are sure it is safe for your dog to ingest.
  • Dog Soccer: kick a ball and let your dog follow on with the action. If there are more than you, make teams to mimic a game.
  • Water: water-loving dogs love to chase after a moving hose of water. Or they really enjoy running around with you around the sprinklers.

Indoor dog games

So, it is raining heavy outside or a snowstorm has buried the entire town. There are some fun dog games options to play inside too.

  • Hide and seek: hide and make your dog seek you. Just make sure your dog is trained to stay. Prety simple, right?
  • Which hand: place a treat on one of your hands and have your dog guess where it is. Train him in basic impulse control first if your dog is not cooperating.
  • Put toys away: this is like playing/cleaning. Have him grab a toy and then instruct him to drop it over the toy box. It will take some time for your dog to understand, but once he gets it he will have fun and you will have a dog that cleans after himself.

Do you have any other game that you love to play with your dog?  Share it with us!  Here in Dogalize we have many resources to help you take better care of your pet. We also have some other awesome resources for you to check out.