Ragamuffin, 5 interesting facts about you probably did not know

Ragamuffin, 5 interesting facts about you probably did not know

Ragamuffin, 5 interesting facts

The Ragamuffin cat usually gets confused with the Ragdoll cats, which are like cousins.  However, there are several things that set the Ragamuffin apart. These cats are docile and pretty gentle. The first thing you want to do when you see one is to hug and cuddle them, which most of the time they are ok with.

So, without much further ado, here are cool facts about the Ragamuffin that you either did not know or will make you love this cat even more.

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1. They are bigger than what you think

It is widely known that the Maine Coon is the largest cat, but the Ragamuffin also has a share in the size throne. Females can be 10-15 lbs easily and males can reach even more than 20 lb. But time is what they have the most to increase their mass as these cats do not reach maturity but until they are 4 human years old.

2. They love the lap

Of course, you will not confuse them with a dog, but when it comes to resting on your lap, well, these cuties are some lapdogs. When the Ragamuffin is not sitting on your lap, he will follow you all around the house. Now, don’t be fooled by the fact that they love your lap and think they are lazy. Just put some cat toys before them and they will be playing and steaming out their energy.

3. The Ragamuffin is a mellow cat

Actually, this is one adjective that pretty much describes the Ragamuffin. These ball of fur will simply go limp when you pick him up. He loves the cuddles and does pretty well with children and other cat-friendly animals.

4. A cross to a gorgeous result

To achieve the array of colors and larger size in the Ragamuffin, breeders combined Persian, Himalayan, and domestic longhair to produce the beautiful Ragamuffin as we know it.

5. Maybe the perfect pet

His mellow personality, friendly nature, and the fact that it does not require much grooming, one can say that this is the perfect pet for you. The Ragamuffin is pretty patient and docile and a great company.

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