Simon’s cat: a very famous internet cat!

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Simon’s cat

Simon’s cat is an animated cartoon character released in 2008 in the UK by British animator Simon Tofield. The series features a housecat that goes through all types of pretty heavy tactics to get his owner to put food in his bowl. The series is animated with Adobe Flash and TV Paint. The main character of the series, Simon’s cat, was inspired by the owner´s four cats, Teddy, Hugh, Jess, and Maisie. The principal inspiration is Hugh, according to the author.

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Simon's cat is an animated cartoon character released in 2008 in the UK by British animator Simon Tofield. By 2009, it was known worldwide.

The series

On October 2009, the series was released in book format for the first time in the UK. It was then released to other countries where more Simon’s cat stories appeared.

Walt Disney studios began to release special shorts of Simon´s cat. A daily strip appeared in the Daily Mirror from 2011 to 2013. Sesame Street partnered with Simon´s cat in July 2016 to become part of their Love to Learn series.

The cat

The main character, Simon, is a housecat that will go through unthinkable tactics to get his owner to feed them. He officially has no name, although the author has disclosed that he is inspired by his own cat, Hugh. Simon´s cat enjoys cat food but he also likes mice, bird, and fish, which he struggles to get from Simon´s koi pond. The stories revolve around him going through huge efforts to capture mice, bird, and fish.

Other characters besides Simon’s Cat

Other recurring characters from the series are:

  • Simon, a graphic artist and long-suffering owner of the cat.
  • The Bird, a bird who usually outsmart’s Simon´s cat.
  • The Hedgehog, one who likes to be annoyed by Simon’s cat by impaling him with apples, tennis balls, and leaves onto his prickles.  He lives in Simon´s backyard and has kids.
  • The Garden Gnome, which is actually a garden gnome.  Simon’s cat usually requests his help to catch fish and seems to be unaware that it is an inanimate object.
  • The Bunny, who also lives in Simon´s yard and goes in circles around the cat.
  • The Kitten came into Simon´s home and, despite his smaller age seems to be smarter than the Cat.
  • The Toad who also lives in the garden.
  • The Frog also appears in some shorts.
  • Simon Sister´s Dog, who appears in the video “Fed Up” where he is being fed under the table.  He loves to play fetch.
  • The Mouse, which is often chased by the cat.
  • The Squirrel lives in a tree in Simon´s yard.
  • Chloe, a female cat that turns into the cat´s affection.

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