Smooth Fox Terrier: origins, characteristics and personality

Smooth Fox Terrier: origins, characteristics and personality

Smooth Fox Terrier

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a close relative of the Wire Fox Terrier. This terrier is known as the “gentleman of the terrier world” is a lively and sometimes careless personality.

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The history of the Smooth Fox Terrier is not really documented that much. We do know, however, that this dog breed was already known in England since at least the 18th century. The English used them for fox hunting. The first evidence we have of this dog goes back to 1790, with a portrait painting of Pitch, Colonel Thornton’s dog.

Physical characteristics

Smooth Fox Terriers should stand at 15 inches tall and weight around 18 pounds. Females usually weigh a little less. The coat is smooth, flat, and predominantly white. His legs are not too long but not too short either.


This clever little fella is always ready for action and an adventure. This highly energetic dog requires attention and at least 40 minutes of walking every day.  We do not recommend this breed for first-time owners as the Smooth Fox Terrier can become a handful.

Their instinct will make them go after small prey. They are friendly dogs who do not really mind strangers.

Caring for a Smooth Fox Terrier

When it comes to grooming, the Smooth Fox Terrier is actually low-maintenance. To keep his coat always clean and smooth, some areas must be clipped.


The Smooth Fox Terrier can be a challenge to train. Some will recommend having a professional dog trainer do the job. If you decide to train him yourself, be consistent, firm, and patient. This is one smart little fellow and will try to get his way.

Early socialization is always important so that they do not grow aggressive towards people.

Fun facts

  • The purpose of these dogs was to bark and howl a fox out of its hole to hunt it.
  • These little fellas are not afraid to pick up a fight, even if the dog is much smaller than them.
  • Not recommended for young children as they tend to play rough.

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