Welsh Terrier: origins, physical characteristics and personality

Welsh Terrier: origins, physical characteristics and personality

Welsh Terrier

A truly lively one, the Welsh Terrier is all about fun and games. He is one energetic little fella that never gets tired. This is a little body with a lot in it: joy, attitude, and brains.

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The origin of the Welsh Terrier is unknown but the evidence we have can help us ascertain that he is a pretty old dog breed. He also went by the names Black-and-Tan Wire Haired Terrier or the Old English Terrier.  The Welsh Terrier excelled at hunting foxes, badgers, otters and really great at getting rid of vermin.

The Kennel Club of England classified him as a Welsh Terrier until 1885.  Before this, he was commonly shown and categorized as an Old English Terrier.

Physical characteristics

The coat of the Welsh Terrier is pretty characteristic: tan on the head, legs, and underbelly, and a black coat on the back. This is at least with most males; some females are just a tan darker all over.

This medium-sized breed is sturdy and compact and usually weighs up to 15.5 inches and weigh around 21 pounds.


This cheerful dog is affectionate and intelligent. He’s got a lot of energy and is always up for playtime. His loving personality and energy make him a great family pet that can play around kids.

Caring for a Welsh Terrier

One of the great things about a Welsh Terrier is that it does not shed. However, it still needs regular grooming that includes brushing and hand stripping. If you fail to do this, his coat might get faded and thin as the older hairs take place.

Due to his energy and willingness for playing, this Terrier can get bored easily, so keep him active by giving him something to work on. He should have at least 30-60 minutes of exercising a day.


The Welsh Terrier has a mind of his own and it is pretty independent. This makes him a bit of a challenge to train. But be perseverant and patient and you should get him to obey to commands.

Socializing is important as he is very combative with other dogs and animals. However, he should do fine around other animals and people once properly trained.

Fun facts

  • Caroline Kennedy was the owner of a Welsh Terrier named Charlie.
  • Even though his native home is Wales, it was bred all around the UK.
  • He is friendly, outgoing, and loves people.

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