Zoonotic disease: what is it and how catch one?

Zoonotic disease: what is it and how catch one?

Zoonotic disease

A zoonotic disease is one that usually belongs to animals but they can be passed on to humans. The methods of transmission include sneezing, biting, or salivary contact. But a zoonotic disease or zoonosis increases its chances of being passed to you if you live with a pet.

You are probably familiar with several zoonotic diseases. You have seen how thousands of people get killed because of a virus, fungus, or protozoan that has been passed by a vector. Such is the case of diseases caused by mosquitoes, for example. If you have a dog or a cat, there are many diseases that your pet has infected you with a disease.

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How are germs passed on from animals to humans?

There is a close connection between humans and their pets. This makes it easier for these animals to pass on a disease to their human owners. There are several ways in which germs can be transmitted from animals to human. These might include:

  • Direct contact with the saliva urine, blood, mucus, feces or other body fluid.
  • Indirect contact involves coming in contact with areas where an animal roams.  For example, when cleaning a fish tank.
  • Foodborne refers to coming in contact with food that has seen a pet roaming in it.
  • Vector-borne refers to mosquitoes or even a tick.

Who is more likely to catch a zoonotic disease?

Everybody can catch a zoonotic disease, even healthy people. However, some people are at higher risk than others and should take special attention.

These groups of people that could even die from a zoonosis include adults older than 65 years, children under 5,  and patients with a weakened immune system.

Protect yourself and your family

You will come in contact with animals pretty much anywhere you go. Fortunately, there are some simple measures that you can take to keep the disease at bay:

  • Wash your hand after you have been in contact with the animal.
  • Prevent bites from vectors such as mosquitoes, ticks, etc.
  • Avoid bites and scratches from animals.
  • Stay safe around animals, even if you know them or are yours.

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