Dog backpack: get the best for your furry friend

Dog backpack: get the best for your furry friend

Dog backpack

A dog backpack is actually one of the most popular accessories for dogs. If you are going out for a walk with your dog, you do not have to take in all the burden of water, towels, and food. A nice dog backpack will actually provide your dog with an extra kick in the exercising. Now that your dog has a responsibility he will try to focus on his mission more than trying to catch that squirrel. But in order for this to work for your dog, you have to follow some guidelines.

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Ask your veterinarian first

If you are planning on adding weight on your dog, make sure you consult with your veterinarian if your pup is up to it. If he is a senior dog, putting more weight on him will probably not be a good idea.

Buy a light dog backpack

Whether you are looking for something sturdy for your dog to carry or only a fashion accessory for your dog to walk around with, always consider a lightweight dog backpack. You do not want to make the extra burden of a backpack excruciating. If you are loading this backpack, make sure you don’t overload him. Try to keep a scale with you to check on the weight of his backpack.

Make it adjustable

Dog backpacks come in a variety of sizes. Just in case you cannot quickly guess the correct size for your pet, get an adjustable one. They usually have straps that can adapt to most dog sizes. Make sure that the backpack does not fit too snuggly or too tight.

What to carry

A lot of people worry about what they should put on their pup’s backpack and not overweight him. Don’t get too fancy. Just put up his poop bags, his ball, water bottles or anything you need for the ride. Be careful with keys or any other pointy things. Make sure they are not poking out and causing discomfort on your pet.

Allow him to adjust

Probably your dog will need some time to adjust to his new add-on. Be patient and don’t give up the first time. Keep in mind that a 15-minute walk with a backpack is like 30 minutes of walking without it.

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