The best family dogs: making the best choice

The best family dogs: making the best choice

Best family dogs

Perhaps the first thing you need to look at when looking for the best family dogs is their ability to interact with children. Not all dog breeds are built to be around family and there are too many owners who do not seem to realize that.

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Traits of the best family dogs

The following are the most important traits you should look at before picking a dog. Take note of them and decide whether what you have in mind is the best choice.


All dogs will eventually learn to “sit” on command. Since you are bringing a dog to a house with kids, it is important for their safety that these dogs are trained to obey commands.  The sooner the better.


Little kids tend to think of a dog as a stuffed animal. They will pull his ears and try to make his head twist. So you need a dog that will be patient and resilient.


A good family dog has enough energy to cater his love to all the members of the family.  The one thing you should be careful with here is to choose a dog that matches the energy level of your family.  Otherwise, you will end up with a bored dog.


Probably the most important trait you are looking for, yet the most difficult to identify in a dog. A warm and friendly dog is important for your family.

The best family dogs

Now here’s a list of five of some of our favorite friendliest dogs out there for you to consider.

Basset Hound: this low-pace hunting dog will peacefully just roam around the house. He is a delight to have and is well-known as one of the best family dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog: these “gentle giants” have a peaceful demeanor. Initially bred as farm dogs, they make great companion animals.

Beagle: this medium-sized dog is very friendly and energetic. That and the fact that he looks gorgeous makes him one of the best family dogs.

Golden Retriever: this is one of the most popular dogs in the United States and, arguably, one of the best family dogs out there.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: this dog loves to be around humans and some belly rubs.  They are great for kids who love to rub dogs.

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