Cats vs Dogs: the ultimate battle for supremacy

Cats vs Dogs: the ultimate battle for supremacy

Cats vs Dogs

I hate cats because they are such hypocrites! One minute they scratch or bite your hand and the next one they are purring and caressing your leg!” – “I dislike dogs. How can you like that ball of fur that is bringing you nothing but trouble?!” Ah, but we love pets!  However, in the cats vs dogs battle, there has to be a winner. At least in your heart. You are probably right now on the fence trying to decide which one you will be more loving of. Let us give you a hand at discovering where your heart is at. To do this, let’s put them side by side in some important traits.

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Cats vs Dogs: intelligence

Dogs have been trained to perform multiple tasks. You see them working for the police, sniffing drugs, even detecting when a person is sick, for therapy, and as an aid for people with special abilities.

A dog can respond to over 100 words. A cat? He will respond to any word that gets him food. So, if you want your pet to sit and go on your command, the winner here is definitively the dog.

Cats vs Dogs: speed

You have seen it. A cat will outrun a dog any time of the day. This feline will easily jump over the head of the dog and leap high up above the fence. However, that leap will suck out much of a cat’s energy and he will need to take a break.

If you were to put together a Greyhound, who runs at speeds of 40 km/h and put him side by side with the most athletic cat, the dog would prove to hit the goal faster, and not necessarilly by a nose.

Cats vs Dogs: endurance

Ever seen those sleigh dogs? A Siberian husky can trot pulling a sled for hours. They are natural marathoners. For a cat, the only endurance sport would be napping. However, let’s not hate on the cat. When these fellas are after a prey, they will not wast any time. They will follow the prey, hunt it, eat it, and then, nap again.

Cats vs Dogs: vision

Neither cats nor dogs will identify too many colors. But the win here is clearly for the cat. Yes, dogs have a very good vision but cats outpower them in conditions of low light. A little rodent shows up among the night’s penumbra and even a twitch of the whiskers will be detected by the cat.

Cats vs Dogs: smell

We know that dogs have always done great in the smelling department. Now, cats do have a much better sense of smell than humans. However, dogs are astonishing when it comes to sniffing and their sense of smell is almost four times better than a cat’s. Win for the dog again.

We forgot to mention that dogs think of you as a god, while cats think of themselves as a god. It is all a matter of perspective and taste. Here in Dogalize, we want to help you take the care your pet deserves. We have plenty of information and resources for you to check out. Visit us to learn more.