Electric dog fence: Here’s what you need to know

Electric dog fence

Electric dog fence

When your home does not have a dog fence and you want to have a dog roaming on the yard, an electric dog fence seems like a good option. Let us go through some facts plus some pros and cons of this fencing system.

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How does an electric dog fence work?

An electric dog fence is basically a boundary used to keep dogs within a certain distance without the use of a physical fence. When the dog comes close to violating the boundary, an alarm in the dog’s collar goes off. If the dog decides to ignore the sound, he gets a small shock through a specialized collar he wears.

In some electric dog fences systems, the actual “fence” is a wire buried underground.  This wire emits a radio signal to activate the light collar on the dog when he approaches the wire. Other systems use a central unit that emits a radio signal when the dog moves closer to an assigned radius from the central unit.

Other systems use GPS, which uses the technology to set the fence boundaries. This system is not so accurate, however, since GPS location can be inaccurate.

The collars that dogs wear are usually light and the intensity of the shock can be adjusted, leaving the highest ones for bigger, stronger dogs. The mild shock is only strong enough to surprise your pet and stop his movement, but it will not harm him in any way.

Pros and Cons of an Electric dog fence


  • Provides your dog with protection and freedom
  • You do not have to sacrifice your landscaping.
  • No physical fence maintenance
  • It is easily installed
  • Protects your dog from strangers, traffic, or any other dangers outside.
  • It is not expensive.
  • Helps train your dog


  • Not all dogs can be contained with an electric dog fence. Some breeds are so fixed to anything that moves that they will not stop at a mild shock.
  • You must check batteries regularly.
  • It does not protect your dog from animals coming inside.
  • Installation might take some time

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