Fluffy cat breed: the top 5 fluffy cat breed

Fluffy cat breed: the top 5 fluffy cat breed

Fluffy cat

They are fluffy, cute, and super snuggly. Not that they really enjoy being hugged but they are a gift to have. A fluffy cat is usually one that has a double-coat and a first glimpse they can easily be confused by a stuffed animal. If you would love to have a fluffy cat, that is a great choice. However, do keep in mind that these breeds of cats require special attention on their hair to prevent matting or tangling. Without any much further ado, we present the five top fluffy cats for you to get yourself one. Or a sample of all five.

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Fluffy cat breed

Maine Coon

This one is obviously on this list. The Maine Coon is rather large in size but still one of the cutest cat breeds. One issue with this cutie is that he likes to “travel” a lot. You should be careful with this as his long hair can easily attract burs. At some point, these could become unremovable, bringing up the need to shave. The Maine Coon is pretty fond of her hair. The removal of it will probably mean a change in the cat’s behavior.

Cat breeds: Maine Coon Cat characteristics and personality


The long hairy coat is one of the trademarks of the Persian. Their coat is not only luxurious, but they melt the hearts of many with their sweet personality. You will really want to hug this fluffy cat. But remember that special care should be taken to protect the Persians coat.

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As the name suggests, Persian cat is original from Persia. The Persian Cat is a beautiful feline with a flat face and short snout, with a majestic fur.


Siberia is the coldest spot on earth. Siberian cats, with their dense, medium to long, and water-resistant triple coat are a testimony of that. These characteristics make this fluffy cat pretty snuggly. Plus, they have a marvelous personality.

The Siberian cat is a domestic cat original from the icy taigas from Russia. His triple coat allows him to protect himself from the intense Siberian cold.


The coat of the Ragdoll is semi-long, silky and fluffy. The best part is that he requires little grooming to always look stunning. These cats enjoy human companion a lot, to the point of greeting you at the door and following you to every room you walk into. Then, once you settle, they will stay there with you.

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The Ragdoll cat is a beautiful cat with blue eyes and colorpoint coat. This dog-like cat can learn to fetch things and walk on a leash.


This rare cat has the looks of a fox and is very active and friendly. His coat is silky and pretty soft at touch. Somali cat also only requires little grooming to look fantastic.

Highly intelligent and inquisitive, the Somali cat is a beautiful cat, sibling to the Abyssinian. He is very energetic and seems to never stop.

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