Minskin cat: origins, physical characteristics and personality

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Minskin cat

The delightful Minskin cat is a petite cat with short legs and small body that will no grow any bigger as he becomes an adult. When you see a sample of this rare breed, you can notice that there is some Sphynx in the looks and Munchkin on the size. This is because the Minskin is the product of the crossing of these two.

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minskin cat

Paul McSorley started to develop this breed in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He envisioned a cat with short legs and a dense coat with a sparsely coated neck, torso, and belly. He got the short characteristics from his already established Munchkin. For the hairless characteristics, he introduced the Sphynx. To add to the personality and behavior he also blended in his International Award Winning Burmese cats and Devon Rex.

Physical characteristics

The Minskin is a small cat with short legs and a cute kitten face that he will keep to adult age. Their head is round and wider than it is long with high cheekbones and a round muzzle with prominent whiskers.

The coat is short with soft fur on the points of the tail, legs, ear, and face. The colors of the coat can be of tabby patterns, solid colors, colors with white, and tortoiseshell.


Minskins require attention and will accept it from whoever is willing to give it. These cats enjoy cuddling with their owners, especially during the winter months.

They want to spend as much time as possible with you and will greet visitors at the door with great enthusiasm. Despite their short stature, they enjoy the high places and will leap as high as they can through strategically placed furniture.

Caring for a Minskin

The Minskin is a low shedder and the grooming required is minimum. However, we do recommend a weekly bath to keep the skin healthy. Due to their very short hair, these cats are not well suited for the outdoors. They are very sensitive to extreme hot or cold.

If you own a Minskin, you are very lucky! In Dogalize, we want to help you care for your cutie.  We have all the resources you need to give him the life he deserves. Follow us to learn more.