Thai cat: origins, physical characteristics and Personality

Thai cat: origins, physical characteristics and Personality

Thai cat

Straight from Thailand, the Thai cat is a Siamese-type cat breed that has all the point characteristics to prove it. Besides being intelligent, this cat is loving, active, and curious.


The Thai, which in Thailand is known as whichianmat, among other names, has a common ancestry with the Western Siamese. People from Thailand have adored these cats for over 700 years.  

The British discovered this breed who had beautiful eyes with a whitish body and dark points in the 19th century. They imported this cat to their homes and called it Siamese.  The Siamese pretty soon faced some modifications which caused a bifurcation between them and the old Western Siamese, the whichianmat.

Differences were more noticeable by the 1950s.  The modern Siamese then was preferred over the old style. In Europe, in 1990, the World Cat Federation granted the breed championship status and changed the name to Thai, to distinguish it from the modern Siamese.

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Physical characteristics

The most important difference between the Thai and the Siamese is in the head and the body style. The Thai is shorthaired, is pointed type and look foreigner. His body is rather long but not too lengthy, with a short and flat coat.

The trademark of the Thai cat is the shape of his head. It has a flat and long forehead. The sides are rounded and the width is proportionate. This cat’s coat feels silky but not plush.


To think of the personality of the Thai is to think of that of the Siamese. He is highly intelligent, curious, active, people-loving, and pretty humorous. They will follow you everywhere you go and will try to help with your chores.

These cats are vocal, but not in a loud way but more in a “chatty” way. In other words, they like to talk. They will greet you at the door and start talking about their day.

Caring for a Thai

The Thai has a short hair so grooming is not so frequent. They do require your attention and your response when they talk to you. If they do not get the attention they require, they become emotionally unstable and can become destructive.

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