Change in appetite in dogs: what can cause it and what to do

Change in appetite in dogs: what can cause it and what to do

Change in appetite in dogs

To dog owners, it can be very distressing when they see that their dog is not eating properly. There are many reasons why your dog will not eat properly or eat more than recommended. The most important thing is to determine the cause of change in appetite in dogs to deal with it directly.

One thing you should keep in mind is what is a normal appetite for your dog. Usually, owners get concerned when their dog is not eating the amount proposed in the dog’s food bag. Remember that this is only an average. Many dogs are pretty healthy and only consume around 60% or 70% of the daily recommendation. So, let’s examine some causes and what could be done.

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Causes of change in appetite in dogs

Just like with humans, there are many reasons why a dog will change his dietary habits. Let’s first examine what could be causing an increase in your dog’s appetite:

  • Diabetes in dogs or other related dog diseases
  • Boredom
  • Competitive eating (dogs in multi-dog households)
  • Internal parasites
  • Cold weather
  • Higher activity level

There are also some reasons why your dog will refuse to eat:

  • The most common reason why a dog will not eat is that he is suffering from an illness. This list includes heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, viral or bacterial diseases, and dental problems
  • An adverse effect of vaccinations includes a temporary loss of appetite
  • Behavior issues
  • Pickiness
  • Travel
  • Moving to new surroundings
  • Hot weather
  • Decreased activity
  • Boredom
  • Nutritional disorders

What to do with appetite changes in dogs

For every cause, there is a way of controlling the change in eating habits. What measures to take will depend on what you and your veterinarian determine is the cause of your dog’s new habit.

If the cause of increased or decreased appetite is medical, then the doctor will prescribe something to fight the disease. Other causes can be taken care of at home.

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