Lion dog: have you ever heard about him?

Lion dog: have you ever heard about him?

Lion dog

How about a lion dog to help guard your house. You can rest assured that no burglar will dare enter your premises with this intimidating one staring at them, showing their teeth and charging.  There is no dog breed of lion dog; perhaps the one that resembles most like a lion is the Leonberger. In the meantime check out this list of five dogs that totally look like lions. Check them out and pick one to become your next lion dog.

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Having a Leonberger at home is like having the size and shape of a lion but with the friendliness and discipline of this dog. Just like lions, these dogs are distinctive between the male and the female. This dog breed, whose name comes from the city it originated, Leonberger, Germany, was developed for farming, drafting, and guarding.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff has a large mane that keeps him warm in the Tibetan chill. These dogs are large, strong, and powerful. The fact that they look like lions makes them very popular in some parts of Asia and Europe. They are so trendy in China, that they are usually sold at a very high price.

Chow Chow

This bold, proud, and aloof lion dog is also an adorable one. The Chow Chow is original from the steppes of China and Mongolia. These little ones are usually aloof and even aggressive with strangers.


The Newfoundland is a water dog that gets his name from his place of origin, Newfoundland, Canada. These obedient and responsive dogs were bred as working dogs and are strong and sturdy. They are usually good with children and strangers.

Nepali Mountain Dog

The Nepali Mountain dog is an ancestor of the Tibetan Mastiff. Native to Nepal, they are also found in Pakistan, India, and Bhutan. They are friendly, intelligent, and make great guard dogs. This herding dogs can also be used as working and companion dogs.

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