Oriental Longhair: origins, characteristics and personality

Oriental Longhair: origins, characteristics and personality

Oriental Longhair

The Oriental Longhair is closely related to the Oriental Shorthair. He is a member of the Siamese breed club as this is the foundation of both the Oriental Shorthair and the Longhair.

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The origin of the Oriental Longhair is very close to that of the Shorthair.  It is thought that many of the modern-day Siamese ancestors had green eyes. But when several Siamese cats were imported to the UK in the 1800s, it was decided that the true Siamese cats were pointed with blue eyes.

This meant that a new cat breed standard had to be developed. This is how the Oriental cat came to be. The very first semi-longhaired Oriental was officially recognized in 1974.

Physical characteristics

One characteristic that one first notices on the sight of an Oriental Longhair is the long tubular body and the longer silky coat. The range of coat coloration goes from self-colored to tabby, to shaded or tipped.

The eyes are almond-shaped and preferably, they are green, except for the whites who may have green or blue eyes, or be odd-eyed (a different iris color in every eye).

Oriental Longhairs are bred with a Siamese or Oriental Shorthair to obtain only short-haired. If these kittens are reintroduced to a breeding program as adults, half of their kittens will have long coats.


These elegant and brilliant cats are very playful and love to spend time with you. They are very intelligent and will follow you everywhere you go. They display a lot of loyalty towards people and are usually accepting of other cats in the house.

Their playing nature does not go away even when he becomes an adult.

Caring for an Oriental Longhair

As stated before, the Oriental Longhair has its merits on being peaceful and always following you. The Longhair will need grooming at least twice a week. Make sure you clean his ears on the inside.

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