Service dog registration: what is it and how it works

Service dog registration: what is it and how it works

Service dog registration

Service dog registration will vary among countries. A service dog is one who is either classified as a service dog or a therapy dog. An assistant dog is one that helps a person with a disability to perform a task that he would not be able to complete by themselves. A therapy dog does not really need any set of training skills as their only job is to make company to owners with stress or other neurological condition.

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What is the service dog registration?

As we explained before, a service dog can either be a therapy dog (emotiona dog) or a serivce dog. It is necessary then for them to be registered as such after going through some tests. Whenever a dog is required for a disability, this dog is assigned a new home where his special set of skills are of use.

When dogs provide a service

Service dogs, according to the United States Dog Registry are classified in three distinct types:

Service Dog

A service dog will help perform basic tasks to a person who is limited by a disability. Some of these disabilities include mobility issues, hearing impairment, visual impairment, diabetes, seizures, epilepsy, autism, PTSD, among others physical/mental disabilities.  There is a specific service dog registration file for these types of dogs. These pups require training in the specific are they will be servicing.

Emotional Support Dog

These dogs provide comfort and support to people going through an emotional stress. Conditions that these dogs cover include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or emotional/psychological conditions.

Therapy dog

A therapy dog provides comfort and affection to individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

If you want to register your dog as a service dog, ask the local authorities what are the steps to follow and the benefits.

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