Can dogs get headaches? How can I tell?

Can dogs get headaches? How can I tell?

Can dogs get headaches?

Everyone knows that a headache can put you down to bed and even make you feel nauseated. Some of us even wonder if dogs suffer them too. There are definitively some signs that we note in our pets that make us ask us, can dogs get headaches?

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So, can dogs get headaches?

The answer is yes. Dogs can actually suffer headaches. However, there are few studies that can confirm this but most veterinarians agree that dogs can get them.

The basis to explain that dogs can actually have headaches lies on the fact that they have the same basic structure of the brain as us. This includes blood vessels and muscles, which get constricted during a headache.

Obviously, a dog is not able to actually tell us that he is having a headache or where exactly is the pain located. This is why this is still disputable among the vet community.

What are the signs?

Since your dog cannot tell you when he is suffering a headache, you should check for some of the signs:

  • Sensitivity to light (meaning that he is not going outside);
  • Throbbing in their temples;
  • Lack of interest in food;
  • He does not want to be petted on the head;
  • Pacing, constant licking, or other anxiety-induced activity;
  • Frequent sleeping;
  • Disinterest for any fun activity;
  • Head always low to the ground.

How do I treat my dog’s headache?

Now that you know the answer to the question “can dogs get headaches?” it is time to prepare everything to help your dog cope with it. First, if your dog is allergic to anything, check with your vet. Allergies cause headaches and these could be avoided by simply removing the allergen.

If your dog is suffering a headache, here are some things you could do:

  • Avoid petting on the head, or anywhere else.
  • Take your dog to a cool, dark resting place.
  • Make sure he is not disturbed and if you have little kids, keep them away.
  • Gently apply hot or cold compresses on the back of the neck.

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