Cat hiding: why is cat hiding? What you need to know

Cat hiding: why is cat hiding? What you need to know

Cat hiding

Why is my cat hiding?” is a question many cat owners ask themselves. Hiding away is a normal behavior for your cat. Sometimes, your kitty just wants to stay away from the world and get some quiet. In fact, we usually recommend you to place their cat litter somewhere quiet.

This cat behavior can be an indicator of several things and it is not the same for every cat. It could be an indication of pain, fear, or stress, or it could also be a medical condition.

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Why is my cat hiding?

Cats are so good at hiding that you only see a shadow sprint and almost vanish away. Only to find them later on the cupboard, or simply resting on their favorite spot. Keep in mind that cats are animals of prey, hence, they are fearful.

Any new noise or event will send them lightning-speed to a hiding place. This is not even caused by a traumatic event. For instance, your cat might always exhibit such behavior at the sound of the doorbell. It is just his way of handling the unusual event of the doorbell. New situations, even though they repeat from time to time, are always experienced as new by your cat, since they are unusual. Their instinct then drives them to seek a hiding place.

Favorite hiding spots

Cats have a taste for boxed-in spaces or very closed spaces. This, again, has to do with their instincts. In the wild, cats are always looking for a place to protect themselves. This space must have five out six sides closed. The sixth one will be open so that they can keep an eye on it.

This is why boxes are very popular among cats. It has all five places protected and the sixth one for them to keep an eye on.

When hiding is a problem

If you notice that your cat is hiding more than usual, this could be an indication of a medical condition she is going through. When your cat goes into hiding, don’t try to force her out. If you keep wondering, ‘why is my cat hiding?’ and she is not responsive to the sound of the bag of treats anymore, consider taking her to the veterinarian.

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