Cats knock things over: do they do it for fun?

Cats knock things over: do they do it for fun?

Cats knock things over

When you see your cat about to knock your beautiful vase off the night table, you can’t help but think, ‘what an evil rascal!’ If you are wondering why do cats knock things over? there probably is a number of reasons. Let us take a look at some of the reasons.

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Reasons of why do cats knock things over

Our cats sometimes display pretty bizarre behaviors. They play with their tails, with boxes, or tend to bring in that dead mouse they were playing with. But perhaps one that makes us scratch our heads is when they knock things over.

So, why do cats knock things over? Is it instinct? Do they do it for fun? Let’s explore some of the possible reasons.

It is an instinct

Cats are hunters and even indoor ones that have never even seen a mouse in their lives will have their instincts kick in. When cats are hunting prey, they test if the animal is already dead by touching with its paws. Now, when your cat knocks over a pencil or a cup, he obviously knows it is not a dead animal. This is just his instinct indicating him to test the object by touching it with his paws.

They want your attention

Cats are also attention grabbers. They are smart and they know that if they knock something over, you will come running to pick up the pieces. Your cat has already picked up on what your reaction is going to be, so he simply acts accordingly.

It is playtime!

If pushing an object causes it to roll, bang! It is a toy. Your cat is simply bored and wants to have some play time.

How to stop your cat from knocking things over

Well, a cat will not stop being a cat and they will always find something to knock over. But there are some steps that you can take into avoiding this behavior. Here are some quick tips:

  • Don’t let your cat get bored. Plan to rotate his toys so that he does not get bored of the same toy. Also, schedule some fun time with your cat.
  • Make sure you feed him properly and clean his litter regularly. Otherwise, he will be coming demanding for your attention.
  • Perhaps the most obvious measure is to remove the temptation of knocking things over.

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