Cats lose their hair: why do cats lose their hair?

Cats lose their hair: why do cats lose their hair?

Cats lose their hair

There is a difference between shedding and hair loss. The former is normal as you have seen how your cat lets his hair fall all over your furniture, clean laundry, and bed. But when hair is loss substantially, there is something wrong. So, why do cats lose their hair?

Just like with any condition that is not favorable to the health of your cat, hair loss or cat alopecia is a condition that must be treated. Let’s first take a look at some of the things that might be causing hair loss in your cat.

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Why do cats lose their hair? Causes.

There can be many causes for cats losing their hair. Just like humans, cats can develop several adverse reactions to some allergens such as pollen, mold, dust, or even medication. They can also develop allergies to certain materials such as plastic, rubber, wool, dyes, or other chemicals.

In some cases, cats can develop allergies to cat ticks or cat flea. All of these will take their toll on the cat’s hair. Some adult cats diagnosed with cancer also have cat alopecia as a very common symptom.

Imbalances in the number of hormones being produced by the feline body, specifically increased levels of thyroids or steroids, are also a cause of hair loss. Some nervous disorders can also lead to losing hair.

One less common factor that can be causing hair loss in your cat is heredity. So next time you ask yourself ‘why do cats lose their hair?’, maybe it is time to take your feline companion to the veterinarian.

What can you do?

Now with the good news. Some cat owners might wonder if the hair will ever grow back, even after the underlying cause has been set under control. Indeed, it will grow back. The even better news is about why do cats lose their hair. This hair loss is not identified within the spectrum of serious illnesses.

Since there are so many things that could be causing your cat’s hair loss, the best move is to take your pup to the veterinarian. The doctor will rune some simple tests to confirm

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