Dog barks when the doorbell rings. What can I do?

Dog barks when the doorbell rings. What can I do?

My dog barks when the doorbell rings

If your dog barks when the doorbell rings, this is usually an indication that he is stressed.  Either way, it is a behavior that you need to control. Through the proper dog training, you can successfully calm your dog and keep him from barking every time the doorbell rings.

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Reasons why a dog barks when the doorbell rings

Try to think from the dog’s perspective to better understand why your dog reacts so violently to the doorbell. He knows that the sound of the doorbell means that a stranger is behind the door. In other words, potential stressors.

If your dog is playing with his favorite toy and the doorbell rings, it indicates a change in activity. This might make him over excited. Who knows? Maybe the person behind the door is bringing a new toy to play with!

Another reason for his behavior is simply that he wants to alert you there is someone at the door. By association, dogs know that the doorbell ringing is followed by the opening of such door to reveal a stranger. Your dog is simply alerting you that there is a stranger trying to get access into the house.

Some dogs will keep on barking even when you are already headed to the door. This is because they still have the thrill of wanting to finally see who or what sits behind the door.

How to train a dog to stop barking at the doorbell

Whatever the reasons, this kind of behavior is unwanted since it represents trouble. A barking dog will disturb a visitor or it could even attack them. Plus if this dog is big, he might even try to prevent the visitor to try to come in.

So, if your dog barks when the doorbell rings, you should train him to stop this behavior. The basics of this have to do with distracting him and offering positive reinforcements.

You should never yell at your dog when he barks, or exercise any violent behavior against him. This will actually trigger a more violent response. Appear calm and relaxed so that your dog responds equally. Use a constant training technique so that the dog knows that he should never bark at all.

When he barks, ignore him and when he does not, give him a treat. This will help him eventually understand which behavior gets him rewards and which ones do not work at getting your attention.

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