Is your dog dominant or is he submissive?

Is your dog dominant or is he submissive?

Dog dominant or submassive

This is a question that can be answered by carefully observing your dog. However, there is not really a dead conclusive evidence of whether this particular dog dominant or submissive. Dogs have varying inclinations towards it and if you are asked, “Is your dog dominant or submissive?‘ people expect you to know for sure.

One thing that must be clear to you is that when it comes to you, the dog must recognize you as the leader of the pack. Even the youngest member of the house should be seen in a higher rank by your dog. This will avoid behavioral problems in the future.

To know for sure if your dog is dominant or submissive, you should allow him to socially interact with other dogs and observe his behavior.

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Is your dog dominant?

The following are some signs that will help you determine if your dog is dominant or submissive:

  • He usually gets the attention of the other dogs, even if he doesn’t want it.
  • Makes his way to the front whenever a pack is walking in line.
  • Mounts other dogs, males and females the same.
  • Makes other dogs wait for him.
  • Guards and protects toys and steals food from other dogs.
  • Starts staring games with other dogs and wins them all the time.
  • Never licks other dogs on the mouth.

A dog that considers himself dominant will make a physical stand for it. They will always stand up straight, even on their toes if necessary. His body is stiff and his ears are standing up and forward.

Is your dog submissive?

Check for the following signs of a submissive dog:

  • Provides attention and care to other dogs, mostly by licking their mouths.
  • If another dog comes to eat their food, they will just walk away.
  • A dog startes and they put their face down.
  • Rolls on his back to show his belly.

Submissive dogs are usually easier to train as they understand their ranking position at home. Now, is your dog dominant? In that case, you will have to work on him a little more.

Knowing if your dog is dominant or submissive will aslo help you guide yourself towards socialzing him with other dogs.

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