Dogs know when you smile? A scientific study

Dogs know when you smile? A scientific study

Do Dogs know when you smile?

Probably a more accurate question would be if dogs can recognize facial expressions. Unlike dogs, we humans do not have a tail to wag or can bark of joy, so dogs have to look for some other signals that indicate that we are happy. So, do dogs know when you smile?

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Communication between species

The social interactions between humans and between dogs are very similar. Their form of communication is different but the social systems are very similar. This has allowed both species to meld pretty well and live like a family. Dogs can easily adapt to a human’s family life rhythm.

Communication here is important, but spoken communication is unique to each species. But non-verbal communication such as body language and expressions are shared. This indicates then that the answer “do dogs know when you smile?”, the answer is ‘yes’.

Humans are the center of a dog’s life. This is because they depend on them for dog food and shelter. Therefore, they monitor our every move. They learn each one of our movements and learn what each one of them indicates. They can tell when we are tired, sad, happy, or nervous.

A scientific study

Most owners would tell you that their dog is able to recognize their smiling face and relate that expression to happiness.

Many years ago, the Unversity of Lincoln in the UK performed a series of experiments to demonstrate dogs’ ability to recognize facial expressions. In the study, dogs were exposed to several photos. Two photos of a person and a dog looking angry, two pictures of neutral expressions, and two looking smiling.

Dogs reacted to the changes in the expressions of the dogs but they also had a positive reaction when they saw humans smiling as well. In conclusion, dogs were able to react positively to a positive expression, which, to dogs, is probably indicated by the visibility of the teeth.

We do love knowing that our dogs are capable of knowing when we are smiling. Here in Dogalize, we have plenty of resources that you need to keep your dog smiling too. Follow us and check out everything we have in store for you.