Halloween cat costumes: bored of the Same Thing?

Halloween cat costumes: bored of the Same Thing?

Halloween cat costumes

We want to look spooky for Halloween, but then so does our furry feline. Get on with some awesome Halloween cat costumes. You will surely turn some heads and bring some attention to your hairy companion.

A Halloween cat has the ability to be both cute and horrifying. Now, when you are making up your cat for the occasion, always use safe paint and make sure he can breathe and walk freely. Since there are so many choices out there, we have made a selection and classification of the most awesome Halloween cat costumes.

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Halloween is about being scary, Jack-O-Lantern, and trick-or-treating. Dress your cat for the occasion.  Here are some ideas for a terrifying cat:

  • Bat Cat: this one works best on a black cat. If your cat is another color, you can still try dressing him up in the bat suit. Now, you just need to clip some bat wings and paste some fangs into his mouth
  • Skeleton Cat: you will need your cat to stay very still for this one. Apply some white teeth and bones to your cat in order for him to look like a skeleton. Move down to the chest and front feet


  • Trump cat: just get him a suit and a blond toupee and you got yourself the chief in cat version
  • Cat Sushi: Wrap that feline up
  • Captosaurus Rex: Do we need to say more?


  • Mario Cat: you can buy a Nintendo’s Mario hat at a pet store or make one your own.  Either way, your cat will look pretty cool.
  • Keisha cat: for your female cat, get her some dressings and make her look like a true feline geisha.
  • Lion cat: just get that mane wrapped around the neck and you will be good.
  • Super cat: that means a cat from Catrypton.

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