How much should I feed my cat? Let’s find out!

How much should I feed my cat? Let's find out!

How much should I feed my cat?

This is a question most first-time cat parents ask themselves: ” how much should I feed my cat ?” Even if you have had your cat for many years, sometimes it is hard to tell. But if I wonder how much I should feed my cat, I should just go to the food bag. The problem here is that a cat’s need varies.

This means that how much a cat needs to eat will depend on several factors: weight, environment, cat years, metabolic rate, the frequency of exercise and even temperature.

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When should I feed my cat?

Given that cats do not handle changes easily, it is important to establish a schedule of when will you feed your cat. Since cats have this sensitivity, diet changes must be done gradually. Start with what he is accustomed to but then, gradually, you move on to your own food. The frequency within which you will be feeding your cat will be determined by experience. Just make sure he does not eat in excess.

How much should I feed my cat?

This is the question you should be wondering the most. How to feed my cat properly. The first thing you should do is to check the label of the dry food you bought. It will give you a good standpoint about what you should feed your cat next.

Even though cats are different in their preferences, as explained before, the ranges of suggested volumes and weights are pretty wide.

The easiest way to determine what amount you should feed your cat is to assess what is your cat’s body condition after one bag. This will help you establish the appropriate amount for his particular need. In this way, you will have the answer to your “how much should I feed my cat” question.

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