My cat licks my hair. Why does she do that?

My cat licks my hair. Why does she do that?

My cat licks my hair

It is not uncommon to see cats lick themselves when grooming themeselves. Some owners report that “my cat licks my hair“. This is actually easily explained. Cats will lick among themselves so, when he decides to lick your hair it is a sign of affection. So you see? Cats are not selfless psychopaths after all!

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Explaining why my cat licks my hair

You wake up early in the morning and you go on to rub your hair and note that a section of your hair is wet. Then you see the cute face of your cat right there next to you. He looks at your for a while and then proceeds to continue licking your hair.

This is when you ask yourself, “my cat licks my hair, why?”. You have two options there, you either thank him for it or you just shoo him away. You could even return the favor with this cat licker as well.

A sign of appreciation

Cats know how to appreciate when you have been good to them. Licking your hair is a sign of love and appreciation to you. It is a sign that he trusts and cares for you. In fact, cats being as selective as they are, you should feel honored that he has taken you in to his very selective circle of peers.

My cat licks my hair because he is feeling territorial

Another explanation for this behavior is because your cat is territorial. Basically, he is trying to remove any other scent from your “fur” and planting his so that you smell like his own kind. This is something that they would do only on members of the pack or to those that they want to make a member of their pack.

How to make your cat stop licking your hair

Many times, a rough tongue on your hair or skin is not as appreciated as your cat thinks. If you really do not enjoy this from your cat, let him know that. If you are in bed, place a pillow between you and him. If you are sitting on a chair, simply get up.

Teach your cat that when he licks your hair, he will lose your company. This should make him stop doing it and find some other ways to show you his affection.

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