Stop a dogfight: how? The do’s and don’ts

Stop a dogfight: how? The do's and don'ts

How to stop a dogfight

When it comes to stopping a dogfight, safety is your main priority. But no matter the method you use to stop a dogfight, it is very important that you remain calm at all times. If you get as violent as the dogs, you will just be fueling it up.

If you have been witness to a dogfight, you already know how scary that is. Dogs engaged in a real fight can cause some serious physical harm on each other, some of them resulting in death. Your first instinct, if your dog is involved, is to physically try to come in between the fight.

Needless to say, trying to get in the middle of two brawling dogs will most probably send you to the hospital. So what should you do to stop a dogfight?

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The do’s to stop a dogfight

Dogfights usually only last several seconds. But that is only enough time for dogs to hurt themselves badly. Here are some things you can try:

  • Remain calm;
  • Stay away from the fight and start yelling, or whistling, or sounding something to try and get your dog’s attention;
  • Hose them down if you have a hose at hand. This will very easily distract them and get them to fall apart from each other;
  • Throw a blanket on top of the dogs. Dogs will stop fighting if they can’t see each other;
  • Use a big barrier to place between them. It could be a cardboard, plywood, or any other big board.

Fights between fighting dogs or female dogs in heat might require you to intervene from a closer position. Try the following in such case:

  • Grab the dog from the hind legs and hold him in wheelbarrow position as you move him back and swirling so that he does not bite you;
  • You can also use a looped leash around his hind legs to move him away.

The don’t’s to stop a dogfight

Now, these are some of the things that you should never try to stop a fight between dogs:

  • Hit them. This will only cause them to turn to you and fight with you.
  • Try to get in the middle of a fight. In the confusion, they will bite you. If the dogs are very small, you might be able to get in the middle to block their view from each other.

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