Walking dogs in the rain: the best practices

Walking dogs in the rain. Best practices.

Walking dogs in the rain

Rainy days should not be a deterrent to take Spike out for a walk. Walking dogs in the rain comes with the territory of having one. Actually, some dogs like the rain and to get wet. So a walk through a wet road will be enjoyable to them.

On the other side, there are also dogs who do not like to get wet. The problem is that they do like to take walks. There has to be a way to take him out to the wet and keep them from getting wet and feeling uncomfortable.

The other issue that most of us don’t like to face is the foul odor of wet dog. Well, you don’t have to suffer through those sad puppy eyes begging for a walk anymore.

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Some problems with walking dogs in the rain

Contrary to popular belief, dogs will not get wet from contact with rainwater. However, elder or more sensitive dogs might be affected by health problems caused by them being wet.

Examples of these issues are:

  • Problems with their paw pads. Often neglected, the paw pads are a very sensitive part of your dog’s anatomy. Failing to dry them properly can lead to the growth of fungi or development of sensitivity.
  • Pneumonia. If the temperature is especially cold, your dog can suffer pneumonia from the exposure to harsh temperatures.
  • Skin problems. Excessive contact with the rain can cause dryness due to the washing off of the skins natural protective layers.
  • Knots. If your dog has long hair, frequent exposure to the water can cause the formation of annoying knots.

Tips for walking dogs in the rain

Here’s what you can do to make this wet walk a pleasant experience for you and for your pet.

  • If your dog is afraid of the rain, don’t force him to go under it. It is preferable to wait for the rain to go down.
  • If he is still not crazy about going out, try praise and treats.
  • Make the walk enjoyable by encouraging your dog to play splashing with you.
  • Always dry your dog after the walk. Use a towel instead of a dryer.
  • It is not a good idea to bathe him frequently to get rid of odors. Groom them and use a perfume for dogs instead.
  • To eliminate odors, use a hypoallergenic dry cleaning soap.

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