Dogs drink from the toilet bowl: why? Let’s find out!

Why do dogs drink from the toilet bowl?

Dogs drink from the toilet bowl

You bought this fancy bowl for your dog’s water. Yet, he still goes to your toilet bowl and drinks water from there. Gross! But why do dogs drink from the toilet bowl even when they have their own water bowl? That is because water there is fresher than the one that has been sitting for hours in their bowl.

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The case for why dogs drink from the toilet bowl

Dogs do not understand what we use toilets for. But even if they did, they would not be grossed out, especially considering that some of them eat poop. A toilet is flushed at least five times a day. This means that the water is constanly oxygenated and the porcelain keeps it fresh.

Concerned with germs? Dogs are more resilient to germs than we humans thanks to their strong intestinal flora. However, this is a habit that might actually gross out some humans.

How to keep dogs from drinking water from the toilet

There are several actions you can take to keep your dog from drinking water from the toilet bowl. The idea is to make his water more appealing than that of the toilet bowl.

We are thinking of buying one of those pet drinking fountains that you connect to an outlet and springs and oxygenates the water to keep it fresh. Many cats and dogs prefer to drink this water than their stagnant water from the bowl.

If buying a water fountain is not an option rightn now, there are some cheaper options you can try. Perhaps, the first solution that came to mind was to simply close the toilet lid and/or keep the bathroom door closed. Problem solved.

Remember that the reason why your dog is not drinking from his bowl is because he prefers the fresh, oxygenated water from the toilet. The idea then is to make his own water more appealing. Try changing his water at least twice a day.

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