Why does a cat expose his belly? Let’s find out!

Why does a cat expose his belly? Let's find out!

Why does a cat expose his belly?

Very few things are cuter for a cat owner than to get home from work and having their kittie receive them with their belly exposed. We feel tempted to go ahead and rub it, without knowing that we are risking our lives. Ok, maybe not our lives but a scratch. So, if he does not want to be rubbed, why does a cat expose his belly?

Cats have their own ways of communicating. If you get one that on your sight, rolls on his back and exposes his belly to you, it is usually a good sign. It could mean that he loves you, or maybe he is just greeting you, or maybe he is exposing himself defenseless, so if you decide to touch him, he’ll take it as an attack.

The truth is that the reasons for why does a cat expose his belly are several. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Reasons why does a cat expose his belly


Feral cats roll on their backs in order to expose their available weapons (cat teeth and cats claw) and have them ready to strike. Your cat assumes this position instinctively to defend himself. Rubbing him means you are striking and he will use his weapons to fight back. Ouch! The signs that you should look for are flattened ears, he is licking his lips (stress), or he is making agitated vocalizations (fright).


Your cat may show his belly to show that he is comfortable and safe with you. If he does that and you hear a gentle purr, it means he adores you. In the cat world, this is the warmest compliment for a cat.


The cat is completely relaxed and is feeling playful. Many times, they will fall on their backs to play with their favorite toy. They can also turn on their backs to relax after a long and tiring playing session.


Your cat is happy to see you and he wants you to know. He will usually through himself on his back and roll. This is only a sign that he is happy to see you.

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