Cat Behavior: Pretty Interesting Facts About it

cat behavior

Cat Behavior

If you were to spend some time observing your cat, there are some behaviors that seem random or erratic, but they actually are not.  Let us take a look at some interesting facts about cat behavior that will help you better understand your feline friend. It does not depend on the cat breed !

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Strange Cat Behavior

  • Pawing at their litter.  Whenever a cat decides to clean his urine or feces, or not, will depend on the cat.  Urinating is usually a way of marking their territory.  So, if the litter box is located outside what he considers his territory, this will determine whether he decides to cover his feces or not.
  • Sleeping in boxes, bags, or anything like it.  This is a way for cats to encase themselves inside a safe space to inspect everything. It is also a way for them to retain heat.
  • Raising their haunches.  This might be a reflex reaction to the pleasure caused when you rub their backside.  Probably they are expressing being pleased as this area is hard for them to reach by themselves.
  • Switching tail back and forth.  This is an indication of cats to tell someone to stop doing whatever they are doing.  It is like a warning sign and a response to them being agitated.
  • Rubbing their face on things.  Cats have special glands on their faces.  So, when they do this, they are marking their territory and you as their property. Be sure to prived him the right cat furniture !
  • Belly exposure.  This you must be careful with this one.  It could be an indication of wanting a belly rub.  Now, most cats do not like belly rubs, unless they trust you infinitely.  Also, a cat can expose his belly but to expose his claws.
  • Sitting on your computer.  This is a classic cat behavior and we all know that cats enjoy the warmth coming from the computer´s keyboard.   Plus, he has learned that getting on the keyboard is the best way to get attention.

Random Cat Behavior

  • Biting his nails. This might be to give them a manicure or it could just be a bad habit.
  • Sudden sprint.  No worries, he did not see a ghost.  It´s just that he has some excess energy that he wants to vent.
  • Hissing.  This is an indication not only of agitation but also of fear.
  • Sniffing your face. Cats enjoy human scent and warmth.  They are especially curious and will sniff your face to smell you and get to love you even more.
  • Ear twitching.  This is another indication of anxiety or agitation.
  • Pointed ears.  These are usually an indication of alertness.

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