Why is it that my cat follows me everywhere?

Why is it that my cat follows me everywhere?

My cat follows me everywhere

If you have a great bond and a good relationship with him, you wonder “why is it that my cat follows me everywhere?” Your cat will either follow you everywhere all the time because they enjoy your company or they will just follow you at specific times. Sometimes it is a combination of the two. Explore some of the reasons why your cat engages in this behavior.

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My cat follows me everywhere to feel safe

Kittens follow their mother everywhere. They soon realize that their mother will never lead them to danger. This makes them feel safer. Some adult cats never break this motherly relationship with their human owners. In the absence of their at mother, they go after that one that makes them feel safe and that their needs are going to be met.

My cat follows me everywhere because he is territorial

Not only is your cat following you but rubbing his face against you and against the furniture. This means that he is marking his territory with his scent. He will follow because your movements around the house suggest to him that you are taking part in this territory marking. He will follow you in support.

My cat follows me everywhere seeking help

If a cat is following you and meowing at you at the same time, he probably wants cat food or is feeling some discomfort or pain. So, if you wonder why your cat keeps following you all of a sudden, it is because he is in pain or scared.

My cat wants to play!

Outside cats have the thrill of chasing animals for hunting and even for fun. This is to satisfy their instinct. An indoor house still needs the thrills that come with chasing something. Make sure you invest time to play with your cat and meet his natural instincts.

My cat follows me everywhere because he loves me

Cats enjoy spending time with their family and loved ones, contrary to what most people might think. Cats find in their humans the love and affection they need.

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