Why is my Dog Dragging its Bottom? Let’s find out!

Why is my Dog Dragging its Bottom? Let's find out!

Why is my Dog Dragging its Bottom?

It is actually a common occurrence for a dog to, out of the blue, begin to drag their bottom against the floor, grass or carpet. In case you are wondering “why is my dog dragging its bottom?“, there are several reasons for it.

This dog scooting action is not something you should overlook as it could be a sign of something bad going on with your pooch. Our first instinct is to chastise our dog but there usually is a good reason for dogs to do this.

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Why is my Dog Dragging its Bottom all of a sudden?

There are a variety of reasons for dog scooting but the most common are related to itching or pain. Your dog will drag his bum against the floor, grass, or carpet in an attempt to alleviate the pain or itching. There are many things that cause your dog to itch or hurt. Most commonly, it has to do with infected or bruised anal glands.

Anal glands are located in either side of a dog’s anus. They release a smelly liquid every time the dog poops. This probably has something to do with marking territory. When they become infected, they can hurt and cause discomfort.

Other issues causing itching on your dogs bum include injuries, allergies, parasites, or even tumors around the anus.

What to do if my dog is scooting?

When you see your dog dragging his bottom against the carpet, it is not as urgent as to go to the veterinarian. It has to do with how often it is happening. You could try cleaning the area with a gentle shampoo and a soft washcloth.

If it is happening for two days or more, then you should go visit the vet. The veterinarian will run a rectal exam to make sure that the gland is not inflamed or infected.

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