Dog won’t sleep at night: here the reasons why

Dog won't sleep at night: here the reasons why

Dog won’t sleep at night

Considering that your dog has pretty much no reason to stay up at night, if he is having such issue, you can’t help but wonder, “Why my dog won’t sleep at night?” Having a dog that stays up during the night can be frustrating because this most likely disturbs you too. Unlike your dog, you do need to go and “scavenge and hunt” for food for you and for himself. Let’s take a look at what could be some reasons for your up all-nighter dog.

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Why my dog won’t sleep at night? Some possible reasons

  • Not enough exercise. Some dogs, especially younger dogs do not get enough exercise during the day. Depending on dog breeds, dogs require at least 30 min of daily exercise. When this exercise requirement is not met, the energy gets build up and will not allow your dog to sleep at night;
  • A lonely pooch. If you have a new puppy, he is probably struggling with his new home. This might cause some stress on him and make it difficult for him to sleep at night. If you have to put him in a crate or a separate place from you, he will feel lonely and will manifest this through barking, whining, and scratching whatever is separating you from him. This is usually a symptom of separation anxiety;
  • Night terrors. Ok, we do not refer to ghosts here, even though so many people have reported that dogs get up to the presence of paranormal activity. The truth is that these dogs are reacting to sounds that we humans usually cannot hear. It could be a critter that is out of his reach and your dog is barking out of frustration of not being able to hunt down the critter;
  • Physical problems. If your dog has a habit of sleeping all night and all of a sudden he stays awake, you should check for a possible physical problem.

My dog won’t sleep at night-what can I do?

Once you have identified the cause of your dog not sleeping at night, you should be able to take the necessary steps to help him sleep. Follow the veterinarian instructions and make the changes in your dog’s lifestyle that will put him back on Morpheus’s arms.

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