Dogs adopt other animals: why would they do that?

Dogs adopt other animals: why would they do that?

Dogs adopt other animals

It is always heart-melting to hear stories about how dogs adopt other animals. There were these four stray cats abandoned by their mother and this dog took them in like their own. But why do they do it? When dogs adopt other animals, we are looking at a clear manifestation of maternal love taken to a whole new level. Dog behaviorists have taken into explaining this behavior from dogs.

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When dogs adopt other animals

A dog will not take in any animal they just find astray or the first one that happens to hatch from the egg on their presence. Female dogs are most likely to adopt other animals and these animals are usually mammals.

In dogs, the maternal instinct can be biologically associated with pheromones. These chemical messengers usually indicate if an animal is young. A female dog will usually pick up these feromones and mother the animal.

When the animal is accepted for adoption, an even stronger bond will result. It’s like if female dogs have that same sense of “cuteness overload” we humans experience and pick on the fat and fluffy.

Since we know of a dog’s ability to love and care, it does not come as a surprise that they decide to adopt other animals.

Why would dogs adopt other animals?

The bottom line of this lies on the biological fact that dogs are social animals. They need to always be close to the members of the pack.

When a new puppy is brought home, he probably feels lonely. When she grows up she will need that companion and anything fluffy enough would do.

So, basically, the mother is also in desperate need for companionship. A dog will find something to become her support object. Dogs crave for companionship. Nature has dictated that other dogs fulfill this need. But any other mammal can do the job under the right circumstances.

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