Dog’s sleeping habits and what they mean

Dog's sleeping habits and what they mean

Dog’s sleeping habits

If you are an observer and have him really close to you most of the time, then you have noticed your dog’s sleeping habits. Did you know that the way he sleeps tells you a lot about himself and give you clues about his health and mood?

Sometime’s your dog’s leg twitches as if running. They yip, snore, growl, etc. Let’s take a look at a dog’s sleeping habit and what might they reveal from a dog.

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Circles on the bed

Dogs usually go in circles before going to bed so that they find the perfect spot to align their columns with the earth’s magnetosphere. This is why all dogs sleep with their tails in the same direction. Nah, just kidding. There are actually several theories that explain this behavior.

This behavior obeys to instincts passed on by their forefathers. One theory states that dogs do it to mark its territory. Others state that they want to make sure that they are perfectly safe with no potential threats. This instinctual behavior pattern also explains why they “dig” on their beds before they fall asleep.

Curling up

Experts explain that this sleeping behavior goes back to when dogs lived in the wild in packs. In order for everyone to fit into one small space, they needed to curl up. So, don’t worry when you see Spike wrapped up in a furry ball.

Not resting too well?

A dog might whimper, move their eyelids, twitch their foot, snore, and even growl. This does not mean that they are not resting. This is the REM phase of their dream, which makes every dream pretty vivid.

Belly up

This basically means that he is very comfortable with his surroundings. Since there is no potential threat, he just relaxes and spreads it all out.

Belly down

Very often, this position for sleeping means that yor dig is trying to cool off. This is an indication that your pup needs to keep himself cold.

So, which is your favorite of all the dog’s sleeping habits? Share it with us i the comments. In Dogalize, we strive to give you the best content when it comes to your cat and/or dog. Check out all the great stuff we have in store for you.