Dog’s Sleeping Positions and what do they mean

Dog's Sleeping Positions and what do they mean

Dog’s Sleeping Positions

Just like humans, dogs tend to sleep in different positions. Also, just like us, you can make interpretations from a dog’s sleeping positions. They tell you about your dog’s personality. As an owner, you should be able to interpret what your dog is like and what is he trying to tell you when he positions himself in a certain way when he sleeps. Let’s try to decode your dog’s sleeping positions.

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Legs up in the air

This is one of the craziest positions while sleeping especially considering that you need voluntary conscious force to keep them up. This is actually a very common position for dogs that feel comfortable and confident. The fact that they are on their back with their belly exposed is a sign of submission.

All rolled up

Your dog tucks his paws under him and places his head on his tail while forming a curl of hair. Your dog is actually preserving heat and protecting his vital organs.

Sleeping sideways

This is one of the most common dog’s sleeping positions. It is considered to be very comfortable and relaxed. A dog sleeping in this position is not worried about his surroundings.

Tummy down

Sleeping flat on their tummy is not actually comfortable. The muscles are tensed and contracted. This means that they are probably stressed or uncomfortable. But this position can also be assumed to be that he is really tired from the day’s activities.

The Man of Steel

We are actually referring to the flying position. This position, which is quite adorable, the pup sleeps on his stomach with the four legs stretched out. They acquire this position for them to be easier to get back to action. A dog will assume this sleeping position when they want a quick nap.

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