Health benefits of being a cat owner – proved by Science

Health benefits of being a cat owner - proved by Science

Health benefits of being a cat owner

Your cats do not only offer you company and fun times. There are also health benefits of being a cat owner. So, besides being cute, funny, fluffy, and good friends, they are also good for your health. The following are some health benefits of being a cat owner.

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They help you sleep better

This fact is based on statistical data where people reported that they prefer to sleep with their cat than with another human. A study conducted by Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine confirmed that 41% of the people in a study slept better because of their cat while only 20% reported any disturbances.

It lowers your risk of heart disease

Owning a cat can reduce your stress levels. This will have a direct effect on your risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies suggest that having a furry one at home reduces your chances to suffer any heart-related condition by around 30%.

Cats reduce stress and anxiety

When you have a  cat at home, your body releases calming chemicals into your body that help reduce stress and anxiety. In order to keep your cat happy, all you need is to pet him for a while. This will calm both your cat and yourself.

They also reduce the chances of allergies

The National Institute of Health released the results of a 2002 study that found that children who were exposed to a cat during their first year of age were less likely to develop any allergy.

It has also been proven that exposure to a cat at an early age makes children resistant not only to cat allergies but to other types of common allergies such as grass, pollen, and ragweed.

There are some other health benefits of being a cat owner. You now see that besides love, your feline friend is capable of keeping you healthy. Here in Dogalize, we have tons of resources for you to show your love to your feline friend. Check out all the updates and information we have in store for you. Here’s to a happy life next to your ball of fur.